The specificities of digital paintings

The paintings are made on a computer. Being digital, these must be printed on a physical medium to be hung on a wall. The prints, made by sublimation, are made on Chromaluxe aluminum panels. The printing operation is subcontracted to an accredited Chromaluxe photo laboratory and chosen according to the geographical location of the collector.

The printed digital painting can be purchased either on (in US $) or on (in €).

Each print is accompanied by the creation of an associated NFT. The NFT number is given in the cartridge of the certificate of authenticity.

My artworks from the most recent to the oldest

Digital Painting_Irmine and Bitcoin
Irmine and Bitcoin
Digital Painting_harmonika zug
Harmonika Zug 1
Digital Painting_harmonika zug
Harmonika Zug 2
Digital Painting_Alcor
Alcor -Act II
digital painting
Alcor -Act I
Digital Painting
Irmine et le Paon
Irmine and Ethereum
Louise the Artist
Swan Lake
Berangere - Acte II
Josephine the Hussard
Lutece Smoking
Mathilda in an Armchair
Josephine lying on the Sofa
Berenice and her Chewin-gum