Digital Paintings

Each painting is the subject of a Limited Edition of 10 Units, either printed on aluminum panel or in digital form (jpg). In both cases, the unit sold is accompanied by the creation of an NFT.

The limited edition of 10 units includes prints on aluminum panels as well as digital formats.

Version A: Aluminum panel print + NFT

The paintings are made on a computer. Being digital, these must be printed on a physical medium to be hung on a wall. The prints, made by sublimation, are made on Chromaluxe aluminum panels. The printing operation is subcontracted to an accredited Chromaluxe photo laboratory and chosen according to the geographical location of the collector.

The printed digital painting can be purchased either on (in US $) or on (in €).

Each print is accompanied by the creation of an associated NFT. The NFT number is given in the cartridge of the certificate of authenticity.

Version B: Digital form + NFT

Each digital painting can also be purchased in digital form (a high resolution jpeg image) by purchasing an associated NFT. The marketplace on which the associated NFTs are sold is indicated on the detail page of the painting.

Two different prices

The digital version is less expensive than the printed version which includes printing, transport and insurance costs.


The « NFTs » section is reserved for works and adaptations of works exclusively sold in the form of NFTs. No prints on aluminum panels are planned for these items.

NFTs can be sold on different platforms such as: Rarible, OpenSea or Mintable. The platform link is given in the description.

The price of NFTs is indicated in the sales unit used by the platform (generally ETH).

Oil Paintings

Oil paintings are essentially original works. They therefore only exist in a single copy, which is why their price is higher than for digital paintings printed at 10 units.