Digital Painting - Irmine and Ethereum

Luc Josserand is a painter who divides his time between Paris, Lyon and the South of France.

Son and grandson of artists from both his father and his mother sides (one of his grandfathers was a pupil of Matisse), Luc Josserand chose to build a career in the industry. Engineer, company director, Luc Josserand has never really sought to exhibit and make from his art a living. The Salon d’Automne in Paris – the 2002 edition – is the only one exhibition in which he participated. On this occasion, out of more than 700 artists present, he was awarded the second painting prize in the « young painters » category by the “Association of Friends and Members of the Salon d’Automne”.

Drawing, colors and light are the basis of his work, femininity at the source of his inspiration. Despite his need to draw characters, which positions his work in figurative art, Luc Josserand is passionate about abstract art. The influence of abstract art is reflected in the treatment of the background of his paintings. 

Luc Josserand put aside for a while brushes, oil and linen for the computer and the graphics tablet. The tools have changed but the creative spirit remains unchanged

Digital Painting representing a woman with eyes closed, in prayer